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Get to Know Connected Fitness

Who are we? Where are we? What makes us unique?

Our Mission Statement

Connected Fitness is a safe and welcoming gym where all members can feel comfortable, encouraged, empowered, challenged, educated and included in our community.  We work to improve the lives of everyone who comes through our doors and impact positively on our wider community.

Connected Fitness is for normal people with normal lives.

Our Pillars

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We strive to help our clientele live a healthier life using a holistic approach to wellness.  We promote balance in all aspects of life with an honest acknowledgement that successful wellness starts and finishes with a positive mindset, solid mental health and long term sustainability.  We facilitate effective exercise classes individually tailored to your needs. We provide a platform for discussion around workout and diet plans with recipe ideas that are suitable for all, no matter your ability or budget!   Our approach will always be to encourage long term lifestyle improvement and to move away from quick fixes, yo-yo diets and on trend fads.

Connected Fitness helps you become the best version of yourself - forever.


 Our gym community is full of individuality and we welcome all nationalities, sexualities, ethnicities and orientations.  We celebrate our members strengths and weaknesses and we have no expectation of your ability level.  You are unique and your journey with us will be unique.  We are a friendly and welcoming team who are always looking for new ways to get to know one another.  We share our collective goals, live our shared experiences, grow as a village and love to socialise together.  Wether you are looking for a hands off or hands on approach to your gym life, we can accommodate you.  

Connected Fitness is for everyone.

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 Staying motivated is hard!  The road to betterment is fraught with failed diets, impossible work out plans and time demands incompatible with everyday life.  Our approach is different - we work around you.  We promote manageable, sustainable and rewarding change.  We can work with you to achieve better health in a manageable way and give you the knowledge, skills and targets to achieve the otherwise impossible.   We believe in a varied, goal centred approach where you will feel supported and challenged by like minded individuals and trainers.

Connected Fitness adapts to your needs, your goals and your timeframe.


Our authenticity is based on trust, kindness and a willingness to be open and humble.  We ask you to look after each other, be responsible for each other and look for ways to offer support.  We encourage everyone to be considerate in their use of our facilities.  We provide equal opportunity for all, give scholarships to exceptional local talent, we help local sports teams, we connect with local businesses to form strategic partnerships, we offer counselling and mentorship services, we collaborate to provide the fullest offering to our community and we make sustainable green choices where possible.  We listen to your feedback on how to improve and make changes whenever we can see the collective good.

Connected Fitness positively impacts the world around it.


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